Park Fee Prambikulam

Park Fees

The only way to enter Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is to go through Topslip in Anamalai Tiger Reserve in Tamilnadu state.
Therefore, in addition to the fee payable at Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, visitors must also pay all applicable fees at Anamalai Tiger Reserve.

Topslip, Anamalai Tiger Reserve (Tamilnadu)

Park Entry Ticket: Rs. 30 per person (Indians) and Rs. 300 per person (Foreigners).

Vehicle Entry Fee(Indians): Rs. 100 for 4-wheel Light Motor Vehicles / Rs. 200 for heavy vehicles with more than 4 wheels.

Vehicle Entry Fee(Foreigners): Rs. 500 for 4-wheels Vehicles.

Still Camera: Rs. 50 per still camera.

Video camera: Rs. 200 per video camera.

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve (Kerala)

Park Entry Fee: Rs. 25 per person (for Indians) / Rs. 300 per person (for Foreigners).

Vehicle Entry Fee: Rs. 70 for Car / Rs. 150 for mini Bus / Rs. 200 for Bus.

Camera Fee: Rs. 50 per still camera.

Video Camera: Rs. 200 per video camera.