Comparison of Accommodation Types

Comparison of Accommodation Types in Parambikulam

In the following table you can see what is covered and what is not covered in the accommodation package.

Accommodation Type Jungle Safari Safari Bamboo Rafting

(Subject to availability)

Bird watching & Trekking Tribal Symphony Food
Tented Niche Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Honey Comb Complex No* No Yes Yes No Yes
Treetop Hut Parambikulam
Treetop Hut Thunakadavu Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Veettikunnu Island Nest No* No Yes Yes No No**
Peruvari Island Nest No* No Yes Yes No No**
Bear Hut

* Van Safari is not included in this accommodation type. However, visitors can take their own car and go for Safari. While you go for Safari, the forest department will send along a forest guard in your own vehicle.

** Food is not included in this accommodation type. Guests must bring along groceries or may buy them from the small shops in Parambikulam. The tribal men who row the bamboo raft will also dual role as cooks. They will help to prepare simple dinner and breakfast in village style, while you stay in Veetikunnu Island Nest or Bamboo Island.

Visitors staying in Tented Niche and Bear Hut must park their vehicles (or their rented vehicles) at Anapadi. They will not be permitted to drive beyond this point. They can only use the Safari vans to go around the park. But visitors staying in all other accommodation types can drive through the park in their own vehicle (or rented vehicle) during their stay in Parambikulam. However, they must be accompanied by a forest guard at all times.